Application and Legal Documents

Please print and give forms to the Mermaid Match Secretary.

  1. Completed USA Rugby forms
  2. Preliminary player and contact information (fill out below)
  3. Read the eligibility-regulations
  4. A copy of the participant’s birth certificate or photo ID (school ID, passport, etc) *
  5. A copy of the participant’s health insurance card *
  6. Payment of the Program Fee to Mermaid Treasurer or PayPal

* You may scan and send ID and all forms to

Player and Contact Information Form

Gear Requirements

Gear to play

  • Rugby shorts
  • Mouthguard (basic, not football ones)
  • Rugby (or soccer) boots/cleats (not football ones with the front toe spike)
  • Long socks
  • Sunblock
  • Water bottle

And a superb attitude to take on anything that comes your way!